Your Home Didn't Sell? 4 Top Reasons Explained

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Why Your Home Hasn't Sold?

4 Top Reasons Explained

1) Your Home's List Price Isn't Realistic - A lot of times buyers come with a price in mind, but chances are these numbers are not very grounded.  Furthermore some agents are more worried about getting a listing than being realistic with the seller.  It is very important to know what you have and to price your home appropriately.  Some neighborhoods list homes way over the sales price, but this is not a sound strategy and will only further complicate the sale.  If you price your home appropriately then you may end up with multiple offers and going above asking, and you will definitely sell your home faster.  Did this happen to you?  If so, I can help.  As a Pricing Strategy Advisor, certified by the National Association of Realtors, I have many strategies to get you the price that you are looking for, while keeping your pricing within reason.

2) Your Home Isn't Marketed Effectively - Were your photos done professionally?  Did you maximize your online presence?  Did your agent door-knock and reach out to your neighbors?  If you said no to one of these questions, then chances are marketing may of been a huge obstacle when selling your home.  It is not just about doing one part great, but about doing all parts great.  Not all buyers are the same and when listing your home then you must recognize that.  In today's market online presence and presentation is immensely important, over 90% of home buyers first look online.  If your photos are dark, look like you are driving the street, or are at odd angles then this may be a major factor in your poor online presence.  If this happened to you, then I can help.  As a Certified Home Marketing Specialist and marketing graduate from UTD, then I have many resources, out of the box ideas, and experience to successfully market your home.  I always higher the best professionals to work on my client's home, and this insures that we have a leg up on the market.

3) You Were Not Cooperating With Your Agent - Was your home dirty or cluttered?  Was it difficult to show your home or schedule open houses?  Were you difficult to get a hold of?  These are all things that may of had an effect on selling your home.  When you are ready to sell then you must put your best foot forward.  No matter how good your agent is, without your help then your home will not sell.  Just remember, all the effort put in will show in the sell price of your home.  Even if your home sells, it may not sell for top dollar if not presented correctly.

4)  You Hired The Wrong Representative - Was your representative a Realtor?  Did your representative have sufficient knowledge, experience, and passion?  It is imperative that your representative not only knows what they are doing, but is also passionate about helping you successfully present and sell your home.  The chances are when you hire the right agent, then the other three reasons will be resolved.  This is a relationship business and that is why hiring a Realtor is so important, as it is a sign of professionalism, integrity and a source of knowledge.  Not every representative is an agent, and not every agent is a Realtor.  A Realtor is the pinnacle of real estate professionalism.  You should always hire an industry expert that will put you first and that is what separates Realtors from the rest, not to mention our exclusive membership to the National Association of Realtors and local representation chapters.

Within the first 3 weeks is the most vital time of a listing, and after a month you have set your course for how your home will be presented and interpreted by the market.  If you have not seen significant action within the first month then chances are one of the 4 above reasons are taking place.  If you are looking to re-list your home, and need an expert who can navigate around these caveats, then feel free to give me a call at (469) 215-9739 for a free consultation and market analysis.  I would love to help you.

When making the largest purchase of your life and when adding another asset to your portfolio, then you will want my expertise walking you through the process. Two things that you will definitely walk away saying is that I was relentless in getting you your desired outcome and I did everything it took for this to be the best experience imaginable.