7 Tips for Selling Your Home

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This list has been put together to benefit my many sellers who ask me what they need to do to sell their homes.

The truth is I can sell any home but to get top dollar then there are many important aspects that need to be considered and these few easy steps will help you prepare your home to go on the market, so we can stand out from the crowd, sell quickly and put more money in your pocket. Most of you know my track record in the DFW area for setting records and outperforming the competition, but this is definitely a team operation.

1. Clear the Clutter. Take the minimalism approach to every room in your home, including the closets and storage areas, so to make every room feel as spacious as possible. In each room, decide which items to keep, donate, store, sell or toss.
2. A Fresh Perspective. Help prospective buyers envision your home as theirs. Removing family photos, sports memorabilia, and personal knickknacks during the short time that your home will be on the market helps every prospective buyer envision their family making it home.
3. At Face Value. Think about what minor home repairs and improvements you can implement to make a big impact on the selling price, such as replacing caulk or leaking faucets, updating ceiling fans and light fixtures or changing doorknobs and switch plates. There are likely many things that you have overlooked while living in the house that is easy to fix but may catch a buyer's attention.
4. Sparkle and Shine. Now is the time to put your last bit of sweat into tidying up, so that you can reap the most amount of equity later. Showcase a well-maintained home to potential buyers by deep cleaning from top to bottom, including windows, ceiling fans, countertops, cabinets, appliances, carpets, and floors.
5. Neutral Territory. Return to neutrals when you’re ready to sell. A home accented in bold, bright colors or plain-Jane builder-grade white may leave some buyers feeling flat. Warm up the walls with welcoming neutrals and appeal to a broader audience. Read about Foolproof Paint Colors That Will Sell Your Home. 
6. At First Glance. The moment potential buyers see your home, an impression is formed, so make sure it’s a good one. Capture their attention with curb-appeal ideas: refresh exterior paint, pressure-wash walkways, and patios, clean out gutters; trim trees and shrubs; weed and freshen mulch and add a pop of color with flowering plants.
7. Scents of Smelliness. Don’t ignore unpleasant odors in the air. Pet smells, smoke-laden fabrics, and mustiness inside a home can discourage buyers. Freshen up the atmosphere by steam cleaning sofas and chairs, dry cleaning window treatments, shampooing rugs and carpets, and washing down surfaces to keep rooms smelling clean and fresh. It is much better to remove smells than to mask them with candles, incense, and other smell diffusers.

Turn these simple tips into more money in your pocket at selling time. A few quick fixes and some easy updates and you’ll be good to go, but if you ever have questions then feel free to reach out.

P.S. With all of this said most sellers do have to live in their homes while selling and that is completely understandable, but the better you can do then the better your results will be.