7 Benefits of Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home


1)  List at the Right Price.  Nothing is worse than not knowing the true list prices, sold prices, and strategies behind your home and neighborhood.  Make sure you have a National Association of Realtors certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, so that you do not waste valuable time and end up with a stale listing.

2)  Better Home Presentations.  Make sure your agent is a Marketing Expert.  If your agent is not giving you the best quality publicity, photos and information then you are wasting your time.  As a UTD Marketing Graduate and a Certified Home Marketing Specialist, I take marketing a level above most and that is why I am able to turn someone else's previously expired listing into a neighborhood record.

3)  Get More Buyer Exposure.  The Network of a good Realtor is priceless.  Not only do you need good exposure while your home is listed, but pre-marketing is also a vital part to selling your home.  Listing your home online is not going to be near enough to get you the best price, terms, and exposure.

4)  Higher Offers from Buyers.  Knowing when to list is vitally important to getting the best offers, but also having market knowledge and being an experienced real estate negotiator gets you the best offers no matter what month of the year.

5)  Negotiates Inspection Results.  Not everything in an inspection is major, and if it is the likelihood is that you will not know the value or seriousness of the issue.  Hire an expert to alleviate this confusion.

6)  Speeds up Time to Close.  With the network and exposure provided by a good Realtor then the time from listing to sale will be drastically reduced.  Wouldn't you rather focus on your profession and what you are good at, as well as higher a professional whose career focuses on selling their client's homes for top dollar, rather than pinch pennies, waste time, and in the end loose the game?

7)  Home Sells at Top Dollar.  When using a good Realtor, then we have the tools to make your property reach top dollar.  On average, if you sell your home yourself then you will need to discount it's value by 15% to sell it.  Why discount it by 15% and endure all the stress, when all you have to do is higher the professionals for 6%?

Do yourself a favor and consult me your Local Real Estate Expert prior to listing your home to guarantee that you do not miss anything.  There is no way to explain just how much injustice you are providing to your top asset, when you attempt to sell your home yourself.